Who We Are

Jərk/ noun: jerk;  plural noun: jerks

1. a contemptibly obnoxious person.

Why use the word jerk in describing ourselves? Seriously, who wants to work with obnoxious people? If that’s what you are thinking, we get it. However, you would be missing the point. Truth be told, the word reflects our playful nature and the fact that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. However, we take your expectations and goals very seriously. Furthermore, anything or anyone that gets in your way of accomplishing your goals, well, we can be jerks on your behalf.  After all, that’s not your job. You are our nice, kind, and wonderful clients. Nevertheless, someone has to be the jerk at times. And you have the best two in the business working for you.

Meet The Jerks

Patrick Rimington
Co-founding Jerk
Patrick’s visionary work as an entrepreneur has led him to create many successful business ventures over the years. Patrick has promoted celebrity-focused media events worldwide. His reputation of working with talent from movies and television has made his trade shows some of the most sought after events to attend. Additionally, his work as a promoter, restaurateur, real estate investor, founder of Cape CAD Design, and owner of multiple retail establishments has provided diverse in-depth business knowledge. His vast experience in event marketing, entertainment, talent management, food, and construction translate into the perfect skill sets for leading Two Jerks Promotions. And in no small measure, Patrick’s substantial experience with charitable organizations, including Points of Light, HBO Comic Relief®, and many others, is an excellent asset in their quest of giving back to worthy causes.
Dene Peachey
Vice President/COO
Co-founding Jerk
Dene brings a financial background from some of the most dynamic and revolutionary companies in real estate lending. However, Dene is not merely a numbers man. He was also a stand-up comedian which led to a very successful career in radio. Dene has worked in some of the nation’s best markets with a top-rated, long running, morning show that he created and hosted. He was also part of the broadcast team for the Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Currently, Dene is a successful business owner in the home decorating industry where his company has won awards for top production and innovation. Dene brings strong entrepreneurial abilities, design experience, comedic skills backed by a solid financial background. This unique blend of talent equates to creating promotional events that are not only financially successful, they are fun.

Meet The Team

It takes more than two jerks to make our events an incredible experience for all. Our staff strives to make every event seamless for everyone involved. Our dedication to detail is second to none. From set-up to tear down, we do everything possible to make their experience productive and profitable. And we make certain everyone has a great time in the process! It’s a shame you cannot see our smiling faces, but as you can see, our photos were not posted. After all, we work for a couple of jerks.